Date Added: 24 June 2022

Introducing Forward’s new digital solution

Date Added: 24 June 2022
Introducing Forward’s new digital solution


Forward Travel’s reputation has been built, over the last 30 years, by providing an excellent service which is personal, responsive and flexible.

We’re known for providing a great level of care and attention, to athletes, management teams, tournament organisers and the media.

Many of our clients leave everything to us. They trust our team to find the best fares, plan and manage itineraries and make sure everything runs smoothly during their travel. They simply have to turn up at the right time.


However, we know for others, it’s important to have more control over some elements of the process — specifically the initial booking.


That’s why we’ve taken the important step to invest in our digital solution.


Our booking platform

We’ve built a tailorable online platform that will allow you to book flights, hotels, rail, car hire and more with just a few clicks. It can also automate historically laborious processes such as hotel allocation for tournament hotels.


What do you get?


Transparent pricing – our fee schedule for all booking types will be made available so you know what you are paying for each service

Reporting — you can analyse booking and spending trends and build custom reports based on the data you need. It can make processes more efficient or even give you the intel you need to get budgets and plans approved

Visibility – all you travel bookings in one place. Have full visibility of yours and your team’s entire travel history, rather than across multiple sites and platforms

Invoicing – several payment options are available and having all your booking history in one place allows for streamlined invoicing

24/7 customer support — our team is available 7 days a week; whenever you need us, we’re there to help

Travel policies – you can set multiple booking rules so that results shown are in or out of policy, depending on the user group

User roles and approvals — you can set permissions to control group accessibility and approval chains, so you have control over what’s being booked and by whom.


A combination of on and offline

Our proposition now provides the best of both worlds, giving you the choice of how you wish to interact with us.

For the team at Forward, it’s about offering flexible and convenient options that are rooted in personal service. Regardless of how you book travel with us, expert support is never far away — our team are on hand to help and to look after you or your client before during and after each tournament.



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